Mr. Adnan Oktar’s Rabbi Guests from Israel are talking about the importance of the works of Mr. Adnan Oktar for world peace.

Rabbi Hollander: I always take great pleasure from meeting you (Mr. Adnan Oktar). In such a time of the world, your works are very vital. I would never delay meeting with your even for a single day because your works for bringing peace to the world are very important

Rabbi Abrahamson: The world is passing through a very critical period; there is conflict and war everywhere. In our faith, right before the emergence of the Mahdi the world will go through such pains and suffering that people will not know where to take refuge. The ordeals will be eliminated with people steering towards God. If in such a period, people who have faith in God love and trust each other very much and become friends then we can solve many problems very quickly.

(Adnan Oktar, A9TV; 11 Ocak 2018)


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